The Baby Barbell Rattle

The Baby Rattle is the Worlds #1 baby toy, throughtout history
Made in America
 The Perfect Gift for All Babies.    
 Light and small enough for Preemies.

Designed by Vickie Dakin, a Pediatric Physical Therapist

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PB-0001, Plastic Gift Box with 4 Rattles. Retail Price $19.95

 Sale Price: $12.95

Magical Innovations Developmental baby rattle.

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The Baby Rattle is the Worlds #1 baby toy, throughout History!

Made in America

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift.
Light and Small enough for Preemies.

Designed by Pediatric Physical Therapist, Vickie Dakin.

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PB-0001, 4 Pack in Plastic Gift Box.

Sale Price: $12.95

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Shipping Charge $2.88, Orders over $25 Shipped Free within USA.